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Postcard Ruler

One of the nice things of having your printer online is that other people come to you with their ideas. Some time ago I got an enquiry from a girl: she was making postcards, and needed a way to add the standard stamp square and lines to the back of the card. If I could make a design and print it. So, that is what I did:


File is available here:



Ice Cream Time!

Today, my daughter Mare had her second birthday. Since the weather is getting better, it is very difficult to get her out of the sandbox. On of her favorite activities there is creating sand ice creams (“ijsje maken!”). Of course I saw an opportunity to design and print something, so I helped her with a new ice-tool:



As the neighbouring kids likes it so much, I decided to make e few more:


Then, the kids at my daughters  nursery needed a birthday present 🙂 :



I have put my model on Thingiverse, so if you also want to make a kid happy, feel free to print it. If you don’t have a printer, contact me and we will arrange something!

Hi Octopussie!