Key Chains

Perhaps one of the most printed items by me is a key chain. When you own a printer, people want to have a printed item. So, a good start there is a key chain with for example a name on it:



Then, Kevin asked me if I could create something similar with his company logos, so I created some models and printed them for him:

IMG_20150512_142649 IMG_20150628_171854

And, as described in the previous post, the Repair Cafe was also inspired to make a key chain based on my printed items:

IMG_20150627_202730  IMG_20150627_150918

Now that everybody advertised my work from their pocket, it was time to create something for myself too. Hence, my new key chain:

IMG_1760  IMG_1762

To be honest, I did not design it myself, i found it here. But the journey for the M3 blind rivet nuts that were needed to screw the parts together took me a week so it really feels like something I put a lot of effort in it :-).

Also want a key chain or have a nice idea? Feel free to contact me!