Kids Knife

Inspired by the reactions I got from the key-knife from my previous post, I created two knife-blades to create a pocket knife for kids. Check out the results:


Files can be found here: 

Key Chains

Perhaps one of the most printed items by me is a key chain. When you own a printer, people want to have a printed item. So, a good start there is a key chain with for example a name on it:



Then, Kevin asked me if I could create something similar with his company logos, so I created some models and printed them for him:

IMG_20150512_142649 IMG_20150628_171854

And, as described in the previous post, the Repair Cafe was also inspired to make a key chain based on my printed items:

IMG_20150627_202730  IMG_20150627_150918

Now that everybody advertised my work from their pocket, it was time to create something for myself too. Hence, my new key chain:

IMG_1760  IMG_1762

To be honest, I did not design it myself, i found it here. But the journey for the M3 blind rivet nuts that were needed to screw the parts together took me a week so it really feels like something I put a lot of effort in it :-).

Also want a key chain or have a nice idea? Feel free to contact me!

Repair Cafe Harkstede

Vandaag was ik bij het Repair Cafe in Harkstede ( met mijn printer. Ze wilden er graag eens zien wat je er zoal mee kan en of het handig is wanneer je iets voor iemand moet repareren. Omdat we niet wisten of er mensen kwamen met iets kapots dat geprint moest worden, had ik van hun logo


een model gemaakt waarbij de radartjes als knopen konden worden gebruikt. Eenmaal aangekomen een stapel geprint onder belangstelling van de bezoekers:

IMG_20150627_150749 IMG_20150627_145536 IMG_20150627_161334

Daar zijn ze bij het Cafe aan de slag gegaan, en samen met oude fietsbanden, wat naaispullen en een kleine carabiner hebben ze er mooie sleutelhangers van gemaakt, met het logo erop:


De gebruikte files zijn hier te vinden: .

Postcard Ruler

One of the nice things of having your printer online is that other people come to you with their ideas. Some time ago I got an enquiry from a girl: she was making postcards, and needed a way to add the standard stamp square and lines to the back of the card. If I could make a design and print it. So, that is what I did:


File is available here:



Ice Cream Time!

Today, my daughter Mare had her second birthday. Since the weather is getting better, it is very difficult to get her out of the sandbox. On of her favorite activities there is creating sand ice creams (“ijsje maken!”). Of course I saw an opportunity to design and print something, so I helped her with a new ice-tool:



As the neighbouring kids likes it so much, I decided to make e few more:


Then, the kids at my daughters  nursery needed a birthday present 🙂 :



I have put my model on Thingiverse, so if you also want to make a kid happy, feel free to print it. If you don’t have a printer, contact me and we will arrange something!

Hi Octopussie!



Bold Extensions

Leveling the heated bed of my RepRap was always a hassle. Until I discovered these bold extensions:

I printed them, constructed them to the printer and tataaa! Easy calibration from now on.



Introducing my Printer

One year ago, I started building my own first 3D printer, a Reprap. First, there was the frame:


Added some mechanics and cables to make it look more impressive:


And finally some electronics and led-lights to make it complete:


My Reprap Mendel I2 was born. You can find instructions for making it here, and a very good video explaining the construction is available on YouTube. It took me more than 400 minutes of listening to engineglues voice… But is was worth it! See it in action in one of the first prints here: